Mimicker, True 3D Motion, Virtual Reality


The Mimicker Project 2017







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GOAL: $250,000.00

Kris Moran


(760) 324-2858 (pst)


Main Presentation

Using 2005 Animations

Designed to work with Virtual Reality

There is a mountain to climb before this new technology can become a reality, your donation can help build the prototype. Virtual reality has again come to life and unlike the early 90's there are major companies producing games, headgear, and accessories for use with it. One thing that has not changed since then is that people, for the most part, are still standing in one place, there is no sense of acceleration, no sense of braking, no sense of turning no motion cues that would otherwise make a person feel a sense of moving about in an artificial environment whether they are driving or flying. The Mimicker can change all that by providing a person's senses with the correct orientation and direction of travel at any one time during the process. This  means that there will be a sense of acceleration with every motion cue no matter what the direction thus providing a person's senses with the truth as to their orientation and direction of travel at any one time during the process a World's First!, that's why I call it "True 3D" motion. No longer will there be any un-natural motion that would otherwise cause motion sickness to occur. In addition to its wider range of motion cues, it is a real-time motion system which means to those of you who aren't familiar with the technology that no video game or training exercise will ever be played or experienced the same way twice. I have been working on this design and the new process that it uses for almost twenty years so you know this is not just an amusement ride but a serious piece of equipment that changes everything about the real-time training process. Its game-changing technology that was somehow overlooked all this time, a throwback to the days before computers. A machine that uses for the most part old school technology which is why it can be built at a much lower cost and made to be used as an entertainment platform. Now I'm asking that you please make a donation so once I prove it will work with virtual reality then the way will be cleared to start making them so everybody will be able to experience its higher degree of realism in the not too distant future. Thank you.


Time to move !